No More Mr. Nice Guy

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This controversial e-book phenomenon became a best-seller and landed its author, a certified marriage and family therapist, on The O'Reilly Factor and the Rush Limbaugh radio show. Dr. Robert Glover has devoted his career as a psychotherapist to freeing men from what he was dubbed the "Nice Guy Syndrome"-trying too hard to please others while neglecting their own needs, thus causing unhappiness and resentfulness. It's no wonder that unfulfilled Nice Guys lash out in frustration at their loved ones, claims Dr. Glover. He explains how they can stop seeking approval and start getting what they want in life, by presenting the information and tools to help them ensure their needs are met, to express their emotions, to have a satisfying sex life, to embrace their masculinity and form meaningful relationships with other men, and to live up to their creative potential.

Nice Guy teaches men how to: Set boundaries and handle conflict; Live with purpose and passion; Release toxic shame; Soothe anxiety; Differentiate from fused emotional systems; Connect with men and build a tribe; Have satisfying relationships; Experience great sex; Live life on their terms; Achieve success ; Live up their potential in work and career; This process allows the ... No More Mr. Nice Guy.

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