Moments of Time

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Gloria Cook
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After The Great War, will life ever be the same? The Great War is over, and the Harvey family of Ford Farm are slowly picking up the pieces. But Alec and Emilia's newly-wedded bliss is shattered when their third child is born with a life-threatening disease, a fate which Alec finds particularly hard to accept. Alec's relationships with his two brothers, Ben and Tristram, are strained by their differing loyalties and ambitions for the farm, and Emilia is torn reluctantly between them... The second of the gripping Harvey family sagas from the masterful Gloria Cook, this is perfect for fans of Kitty Neale, Margaret Dickinson and Mary Gibson.

She has released several albums of modern harp music, drawing on Celtic and world music influences to create intricate and emotional patterns and melodies. She has also an album of solo piano music, Moments of Time.

More than 300 moments from deep time to the present day, contributed by historians and members of the public. Moments in Time is an interactive timeline presenting key events that occurred around the world between c. 650 and 1918 CE.