The Flinders Ranges

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Ron Moon, Viv Moon
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The Flinders Ranges of South Australia epitomises the beauty and sheer grandeur of Australia's outback. These quintessent, desert washed mountains offer the adventurous traveller a vast array of experiences. Amongst the many craggy peaks and cool tree-lined gorges that are part and parcel of this chain of ranges, ancient Aboriginal art vies with the wildlife and the rich European heritage to add purpose and soul to any outing, whether that is on foot, by bicycle or 4WD vehicle. This comprehensive guide covers all you need to know for an enjoyable and unforgettable 2WD or 4WD touring, camping, caravanning, walking or cycling holiday to these ranges.Access details, with many GPS points, cover camp sites, scenic spots, historic sites and places to visit. All of the Self-Drive 4WD Tracks and the stations that offer great camping and accommodation, along with the Public Access Routes (PAR) that dot these rugged ranges, are covered in detail. More than ever the Flinders Ranges is a mecca for the adventurous tourer on two or four wheels! Comprehensive details of each and every town and their facilities are included, along with all the activities you can enjoy in this fabulous region whether that is walking for an hour or a week, cycling for just a few kilometres or a 100, fossicking, climbing, hunting and fishing. All the national parks and reserves are covered in detail and provide all you need to know for an enjoyable recreational holiday to the region. About the Authors: Ron & Viv Moon know Australia and the Flinders Ranges intimately. While Ron lived in Quorn as a young lad, in more recent years numerous trips to and through the region have given both Ron & Viv an in-depth knowledge of the Flinders and the delights it holds. All of their experience and expertise is brought together in this book so that others will be more able to fully enjoy the region. Well recognised outdoor adventure writers, Ron and Viv specialise in remote area travel, camping and four wheel driving. For 15 years Ron was editor of 4x4 Australia magazine and is now their roving Editor-at-Large. Viv has had a cooking column in 4x4 Australia for over 25 years and has two best-selling outdoor cookbooks to her credit. This book is just one of 14 guidebooks on outback Australia that Ron and Viv have written or contributed towards. For more information and updates on all their current guides, check out their website at:

Take an aerial tour of Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre or drive along the Aboriginal Dreaming Trail. The Flinders Ranges and Outback is one of South Australia's premier travel destinations with contrasting environments, Aboriginal culture and outdoor adventure for the whole family. It's no wonder many people regard the Flinders Ranges & Outback as Australia's ultimate travel destination. The Flinders Ranges are a part of an upland system that stretches from the southern coast of South Australia to the Eyre Basin, about 600 km.

From Adelaide, take one of several routes to Hawker, then follow the signs to Wilpena. If travelling from Leigh Creek in the north, head south to Parachilna, and enter the park from either the north or the west. First, you can now add the Flinders Ranges to those mental postcards of landscapes in the Rocky Mountains and New Zealand's South Island.