Feather's Blossom

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Viola Grace
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Tyhana has lived her life in a farming community; the only winged person she has ever seen is in the mirror. Her family has been a joy and feeling the love of her adopted clan has given her the confidence to become all she could.When she is watching a meteor shower and a star comes directly toward the valley where she lives, she finds a man inside the ship who needs her help. He has a dislocated wing.Seldrin was on his way to take a post as ambassador when he ran afoul of a meteor. It knocked him out of the sky and into the path of an angel. An angel who snaps his wing back in place like it was the most normal thing for her to do.

Available in two floral prints. Constructed from 100% silk with a polyester lining. Feather's Blossom.

Featuring a short, unlined sleeve, the Blossom Top can be tied around the waist as preferred, or worn loose without the tie. Available in two floral prints.