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Lily Harlem
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It's just another PA job, right? Okay, the CEO is hot, and his partner hotter, but that doesn't mean Stella Wright has to fall for their erotic brand of seduction. Does it? Who is she kidding? Stella is only human, she has bills to pay and insecurities about how she looks the same as we all do. So when Andre Bramon asks her to work on more than just dictation she can't resist. Tristan Wainwright is a different matter. Brooding and dark, he barely has time to ask her to do anything. Then when he does finally pause, noticing her, all that pent up energy reaches a boiling point. Before long Stella is swept up in a passionate love affair with not one man, but two. She never expected a threesome to be part of her job description, though now...well, perhaps it might prove to be the perfect solution to a whole host of her problems.

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Administrative jobs, help desk professionals, call center representatives and even executive professionals all have desk jobs. Office jobs are synonymous with desk jobs.