Aunty Acid's Getting Older

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Ged Backland
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In this collection from the hit webcomic, t****he pink-haired, sassy senior aims her caustic wit at aging. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall...What the freakin' hell happened?" "My doctor told me to avoid any unnecessary stress. So I didn't open his bill." Created to give "the crazy old lady in all of us" a voice that can be heard from ten blocks away, Aunty Acid, along with her long-suffering husband, Walt, tells it like it is and has her own unique opinions on everything. In this collection, she talks about her lifetime of laughs, loves, good times, bad times, and too many bottles of wine to count. So, dive in and discover the perils of sagging boobs, how to grow old disgracefully, and more! Aunty Acid is created by Ged Backland and is brought to life by the team at the Backland Studio in Bradford, West Yorkshire, in Northern England.

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Not Now. Pages Liked by This Page ... For those who do not know, Aunty Acid is an online comedian - a senior citizen with a sassy mouth and an attitude that even younger people like us find unbelievably relatable.