Miki and the Cricket Bat

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Malla Duncan
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In this delightful tale, you'll meet eleven year-old Miki Mavuya and his quirky family. Miki loves cricket and his greatest ambition is to have his own cricket bat. When he sees a second-hand one in Mr Molly's shop window, he finds himself dreaming about owning such a bat. To his amazement, Mr Molly offers to lend him the bat to play a match against the Swallows Eleven. Promising to take great care of the bat, Micky takes it home and hides it in the broom cupboard in the kitchen. A poor choice as it turns out, because his grandmother finds it. What happens to the bat after this, is the stuff of nightmare for Miki. However, he finds a way to turn disaster into triumph and wins the match. But this is no ordinary bat and Miki is terrified he will have to pay for the damages inflicted by his grandmother. Luckily, through the honesty and integrity of family and friends, a solution is found that goes way beyond Miki's expectations.

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