Spiritual Transformation in the Twelve Steps

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Darlene Lancer JD LMFT
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The Twelve Steps of Twelve-Step programs can be used to attain spiritual transformation and unshackle the true self from the constraints of the ego. Codependency expert Darlene Lancer describes how each of the Twelve Steps should be practiced and is so designed to achieve this spiritual awakening. The Twelve Steps are based upon universal principles, which provide an effective model for living. "Working the steps" not only frees you of addiction, but also a holds the promise of a personality transformation, attested to by thousands of members of Twelve-Step programs. Incorporating concepts of Carl Jung, Lancer provides an in-depth examination of each step from a psycho-spiritual point of view. The result is the same whether or not one has a traditional view of God or is an atheist. Renowned psychiatrist Carl Jung had a major influence on the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson. Jung believed that each person has a personal journey of transformation to enable expression of his or her innate potential. Jung felt that this transformation involved replacing the ego with the larger Self as the driving force of one's life and that spirit replacing spirits could cure alcoholism. Darlene Lancer is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and author of "Codependency for Dummies" and "Conquering Shame and Codependency: 8 Steps to Freeing the True You." See her other ebooks: "10 Steps to Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Guide to Stop Self-Criticism," "How To Speak Your Mind - Become Assertive and Set Limits," and a daily reader, "Codependency Recovery Daily Reflections."

The following is a description of that process. Comments from Websites and Publications. Step 12 gives me the satisfaction of helping others.

Based on previous research, Hypothesis 1 predicted that greater involvement in the program would correlate to length of sobriety. Addictions Spiritual Transformation: Making Twelve-Step Recovery More Effective by Richard Clark. The first transformation of the human spirit is that of becoming a camel. Now think of how most people live: they are constantly doing things they don't enjoy doing just so as to satisfy the expectations of others, such as parents, teachers and employers, but they are sacrificing themselves in the process. The Twelve Steps: A Spiritual Journey.