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Hannah Howell
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Heir to the clan MacFarlane, Ailis was a prize to be bartered by her calculating father, and her wedding to a man she despised seemed inevitable--until she is abducted by her clan's worst enemy, Alexander MaDubh, a brutally handsome laird with ice in his eyes and hot blood in his veins. Alexander had come riding into Leargan to claim the three children born of a forbidden love between his brother and lovely Ailis' sister. Now, with Ailis herself as his pawn, he can strike at the enemy whose treachery robbed his clan of so much. Her beauty and her fierce temper stir his blood, and vengeance has never been so sinfully sweet. But will a passion they cannot deny be enough to ease the pain and torment of the past? Praise for Hannah Howell and her Highland novels. . . "Few authors portray the Scottish highlands as lovingly or colorfully as Hannah Howell." --Publishers Weekly "Expert storyteller Howell pens another Highland winner." --Romantic Times

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Reckless suggests wild carelessness and disregard for consequences: "conceiving measures to protect the fur-bearing animals from reckless slaughter" (Gertrude Atherton). Rash implies haste, impetuousness, and insufficient consideration: "Take calculated risks. Mark Reckless, MS for Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party, said: "The mask has slipped, revealing that Labour is not truly a party in favour of the Union, but a soft nationalist party working with ... Reckless is fronted by Marty on guitar and shares the vocals with his very talented mate Charlie on drums.