Smoke on the Water

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Bianca D'Arc
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*Note: This story was previously published in the "The Beast Within" anthology. The most dangerous trail of his career... In the misty fog of a lakefront dotted with vacation cabins, zombies are roaming wild - and CIA operative turned zombie hunter, John Petit, must stop the carnage. He's paired with a fresh-faced recruit brought to the team more for her immunity to the zombie contagion than any particular skill. She never asked for any of this... Donna was attacked and lived to tell the tale. One of the rare few who are naturally immune, she's part of the top secret team trying to stop the spread of this alarming technology. She doesn't want to let her partner down - especially in light of the fact that the more they're together, the more she's attracted to him. A passion they cannot deny... Facing danger together only adds fuel to the fire of need between them. Their chemistry is explosive, but will it fizzle in the harsh light of day? Or, can it last past the heat of the moment, once they've neutralized the deadly threat that endangers all humanity? Praise for Bianca D'Arc "This well-written, entertaining anthology has werewolves, zombies and wizards - something for everyone! Things start out strong with stories by McCarthy and D'Arc." - RT Book Reviews Magazine on The Beast Within anthology "I love that John can be alpha, but still understand Donna and try to accommodate her. He even admits being wrong! *swoon*" - GoodReads reviewer on The Beast Within "Definitely love my experience with this lady's books will definitely be reading more..." - Late Night Sexy Book Reviews on Smoke on the Water in The Beast Within anthology

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