Living in the Power Zone

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Cedar Barstow
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Living in the Power Zone means: ?Balancing your personal or role power with compassion whether you are in an up- or down-power position ?Staying connected and being accountable in all your relationships ?Empowering people and affecting situations positively ?Preventing, reducing, resolving, and repairing interpersonal harm ?Promoting well-being ?Serving the common good We live in a complex, often daunting world where power differences both exist and matter. Power moreover is often misused. Most of us have had at least one superior who was unfair, even abusive. Misuse of power also happens in families, schools, religious institutions, the military, government, and elsewhere. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, we have used our own power in ways hurtful to others. We thus all need to learn to use it with greater sensitivity and skill. This short, practical book will help you successfully navigate the rapids of real-world power and transform all your relationships for the better. It will teach you to live in the Power Zone.

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