The Witch's Secret

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Samantha Grosser
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"A seductive, and wickedly alluring gritty tale ... an irresistible read." - Gwendalyn's Books Some Secrets Are Better Left Untold ... Six-fingered Mary Sparrow believes she was cursed at birth, and the bawdy house at the Cardinal's Cap is the only home she's ever known. Like most of the girls, she dreams of escape, but when an old man mysteriously drives her friend to madness, Mary begins to fear for her life. Toby Chyrche also hopes for a better future, away from the confines of the tailor's shop where it seems his fate is set in stone. So when a chance meeting with an old man at the brothel offers him a different path, he is only too eager to accept. Then the discovery of an old book of magic throws a new and shocking light onto the past - his mother had a brother, and that brother was a witch. As the old man's shadow over Bankside lengthens, Mary is drawn into the growing web of darkness. Unable to escape its reach, she turns to Toby for help. But Toby has daemons of his own to face. Will possession of the book be enough to protect them? And what price will they have to pay? A dark tale of witchcraft, magic, and intrigue. Previously published as The Sorcerer's Whore. Praise for The Witch's Secret "Such an enticing read, you won't be able to leave it be." - Jennifer C. Wilson "A wickedly delightful, gripping and immersive tale that totally absorbed me into its hauntingly dark characters." - Gwendalyn's Books "A spell-binding, chilling and evocative adventure, an enticing journey through time and fantasy that will have you begging for more." - Chicks, Rogues and Scandals "I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and would whole-heartedly recommend it." - Juliette Sebock

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The first is a werewolf. The Witch's Secret. The Witch's Secret collection.