The Chambermaid and the Farmer

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Nicole Zahara
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THE SENSATIONAL NEW REGENCY EROTICA SERIES! From a whore to a lady... The beautiful Lady Galway, toast of fashionable London, has a scandalous past. "Ye art an angel. Da purtiest angel ah ever did see. Ah cain't believe ye art real, lass. Art ye a ha'nt that's come ter sen' me mad?" He looked at her sitting staring at him with awe and longing, and shook his head. Even with her bruised, bloody cheek and her bonnet falling askew from her tangled yellow hair, the lass was a beauty, with a ripe body that belied her youth. She was going to be trouble for him, he knew it... Just once more, he told himself. Just once more, he would take her in his arms, feel the warmth of her soft body and eager lips... The runaway chambermaid can't return home and the farmer who picked her up on a dark, muddy highway has a new problem: what to do with the poor young lass who has nowhere to go? He must find a solution, but not before the passion between them is sated. And so begins the most soul-exploding, headboard-banging, bed-destroying night of their lives...

2934 N 5th St Hwy (124.28 mi) Reading, PA, PA 19605. Get Directions (610) 921-1313.

2934 N 5th St Hwy (124.28 mi) Reading, PA, PA 19605. Get Directions (610) 921-1313.