The Heart of a Changeling

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Caitlyn E. Lloyd
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Nora's entire life has been marked with bad luck and horrible accidents. With so much tragedy in her past, all she dreams of is a normal life. But when a camping trip is cut short by a brutal attack and a kidnapping nearly costs Nora her life, she is thrown headfirst into Avalon-a world where magic thrives, and the creatures of myth and legend all vie for dominance. This is the world of the Fae, and this dark realm claims Nora as one of its own. She's a Changeling of unknown origin-a Fae child hidden at birth in the human world. When she lands in the court of the Winter Fae she ignites a mystery spanning back centuries, and everyone in the magical world of Avalon wants a piece of her. Even the impossibly cold Winter King has taken a keen interest. Nora just wants to get back to the human world in one piece: a task that might prove impossible in a world ravaged by wars long past, magic glamour, and the whims of the immortal Fae. As Nora seeks answers to the questions about her history, she finds herself drawn in more and more by the alluring darkness Avalon offers, but will her Changeling heart allow her to remain and give up the quiet life she's always dreamed of? Fans of A Court of Thorns and Roses and The Cruel Prince are sure to love the first installment in this hauntingly rich and romantic faerie tale about a woman hopelessly caught between worlds and trapped by the darkness within her very soul.

(DS9: ... (DS9: "The Search, Part I", "Heart of Stone", "The Adversary") It was unknown if this indicated a true biological gender or gender identity, or was simply a matter of personal preference.

With so much tragedy in her past, all she dream... A Changeling is an indistinguishable humanoid species. They mostly appear human but also have the ability to change their form.