Effective Negotiation

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Ray Fells, Noa Sheer
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The fourth edition of Effective Negotiation provides a practical and thematic approach to negotiation and mediation in professional contexts. Drawing on research and extensive teaching and practical experience, Fells and Sheer describe key elements of negotiations and explain the core tasks involved in reaching an agreement: information exchange, solution-seeking and concession management. This edition features a substantial revision and re-alignment of content, providing discussion of overarching themes and methodologies before moving to focused considerations of the underlying mechanics of negotiation. A new chapter on deadlocks provides detailed analysis of strategically managing and resolving deadlocked negotiations. In addition to the 'Negotiation in Practice' and 'Negotiation Skill Tips' boxes, chapters now include real-world case studies. An accessible, practical and strategic exploration of the complex mechanics and dynamics of negotiation, mediation and dispute resolution, Effective Negotiation remains an essential resource for students and professionals in business and management, law and human resource management.

When the bully on the boat in Enter the Dragon asks Bruce Lee to describe his kung fu style, Bruce says, "You can... Now, it's time to absorb five lesser-known but similarly effective negotiation topics and techniques that can benefit all professional negotiators: 1. Reframe anxiety as excitement.

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