Wound Up

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Viola Grace
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Neva had to face her insecurities and her new partner at the same time. What chance does her resolve have when Archer's very presence has her wound up? Escaping through her workshop tunnel, Neva is less than impressed to find that her proposed partner was the one sent to rescue her and the Citadel staff. She has managed to dodge her offered position in the Sector Guard for over two years and when Archer comes to save her, she knows that her time to think about it is over. Archer is bewildered that a woman like Neva keeps turning him down. He's ridiculously handsome, has an impressive talent and is a charming conversationalist. What more could a woman want?

If a member chooses to leave your SMSF as a result of a relationship ... apply to the court for the company to be wound up in insolvency. Step 5 - Liquidator finishes winding up company and lodges final documents.

Antonyms for wound up. 16 synonyms for wound up: tense, strained, wired, nervous, anxious, restless, edgy, jittery, uptight ... Definition of wound-up in the Definitions.net dictionary.