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David Andrewes
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The second edition of this comprehensive textbook for students of Neuropsychology gives a thorough overview of the complex relationship between brain and behaviour. With an excellent blend of clinical, experimental and theoretical coverage, it draws on the latest research findings from neuroscience, cognitive neuroscience, neurochemistry, clinical neuropsychology and neuropsychology to provide students with new insights in this fast moving field. The book is organised around the main neuropsychological disorders in the areas of perception, executive dysfunction, attention, memory, cerebral asymmetry, language, emotion and consciousness. There is a clear emphasis on bridging the gap between theory and practice with links throughout to clinical issues of both assessment and rehabilitation to build a clear understanding of the application of the theoretical issues. The final section in each chapter illustrates the importance of a more systematic approach to intervention, which takes into account theoretical views of recovery from brain damage. New to this edition:A new chapter format that includes a "basic topic" section, which contains up-to-date essential knowledge of the topic and a "further topics" section for a more advanced treatment of the area.A new section on neuroscientific approaches to rehabilitation in each chapter to make links between scientific knowledge and clinical treatment.A brand new chapter on consciousnessA new full colour layout with increased pedagogical features, including key terms, section summaries, 'study questions' and improved presentation of figures and brain diagramsA companion website including related weblinks, guidance on answering the 'study questions', and flashcards.This book will be invaluable for undergraduate students in Neuropsychology and students who wish to take the subject further to the various clinical fields.

We respond promptly to referrals for neuropsychology assessments and have relatively short waiting times for appointments. We have consulting locations in Kew, Bentleigh East, Heidelberg and Box Hill. Neuropsychology is the discipline which investigates the relations between brain processes and mechanisms on one hand, and cognition and behavioral control on the other. Neuropsychology focuses both on basic research and on applied, clinical research, to stimulate systematic investigation into brain-behavior relationships and to improve clinical practice.

Our brain is constructed of two hemispheres which are responsible for different facets of human personality and behaviour. A neuropsychologist is a psychologist who specializes in understanding the relationship between the physical brain and behavior. The brain is complex.