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Samantha Wayland
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This is the complete boxed set of Samantha Wayland's Hat Trick Series - includes three full length books, and a Christmas novella. Fair Play Savannah Morrison is the new athletic trainer for the Moncton Ice Cats. It's a good thing she's got plenty of knowledge and grit, because as the only female trainer in the league, she has to work twice as hard to win the players' respect. The last thing on earth she would do is date one of them. Garrick LeBlanc isn't ready to hang up his skates, particularly since he hasn't figured out what the hell he's planning to do next. He needs the new trainer to keep him fit to play, and she's got the skills to do it. Too bad he lost his mind and hit on her the day they met. Now she hates his guts and he's made an art of ignoring her. When the team is put up for sale, Garrick and Savannah have to work together to save their team, discovering that Garrick isn't just a hockey player, Savannah isn't only passionate about her work, and just maybe they've got more in common than they thought. Two Man Advantage Rhian Savage is working his way up the ranks of professional hockey, with the dream of making it to the NHL getting closer every day. He's doing it alone-no family, no friends-and that's the way he likes it. Then he arrives in New Brunswick, and meets the Moncton Ice Cats. Suddenly, he's got friends-and even something that might be an honest-to-god crush. Garrick LeBlanc is counting the days until his last season with the Ice Cats is over and he can move to Boston. When his girlfriend suggests he find man to take to bed-and tell her all about it-Garrick laughs it off. But damned if his friend Rhian doesn't suddenly take on the starring role in his fantasies. Good thing Rhian is way too young-and straight-for what Garrick has in mind. Rhian takes a chance when Garrick's increasingly confusing signals start making sense, and soon discovers he's bitten off more than he can chew. Sex with strangers is simple. Sex with his best friend? Complicated. End Game Garrick LeBlanc never intended to fall in love with two people, but he has, and now he has to figure out what to do about it. He wants to make them happy, but is afraid he's doing just the opposite. To make matters worse, he's trapped in New Brunswick until the end of the hockey season, while his lovers are both in Boston. Savannah Morrison has no one but herself to blame for practically shoving Garrick into the arms of another man. She loves Garrick with all her heart, but how the hell is she going to share him with Rhian? Rhian Savage used to have such a simple life. Now he's in love, his dreams of making the NHL are coming true, and he keeps spotting a strangely familiar face in the crowds. To top it all off, he has to see Savannah every day. He knows she's Garrick's real future, but he doesn't have the balls to do the right thing for all of them and break it off with Garrick-until his life goes sideways. As usual. Now Rhian is alone, Garrick is heartbroken, and Savannah-the one person Rhian figured would celebrate his departure-is beating down his door. What the hell is up with that? A Merry Little (Hat Trick) Christmas Something is bothering Rhian, and his friends and family want to know what that is. Garrick and Savannah are trying to give him some space to come to them about it. His teammates are convinced that nights out and beautiful women making eyes at him will make it better. And his grandfather and sister just want him to know that he is loved. Rhian Savage does know he's loved. He just wishes everyone else knew it, too.

Sunday, July 2, 2017. Hat Trick Series Box Set (Hat Trick (Simon and Alex)) Online PDF eBook Uploaded By: Tom Ritchie Frank Peters Paulette Lash Ritchie DOWNLOAD Hat Trick Series Box Set (Hat Trick (Simon and Alex)) PDF Online ... Definition of hat trick in the Idioms Dictionary.

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