The Essence of Womanhood

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Susie Heath
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Women - have you forgotten who you are? Ever wish you had an instruction manual for yourself? Feel there is part of you missing? Spent years battling your way up the ladder in the corporate market or being chauffeur, decorator and general skivvy bringing up your children? Susie Heath's The Essence of Womanhood - re-awakening the authentic feminine is the book you've been waiting for. Reveal the gorgeous, beautiful, powerful, feminine being you were born to be, and let her out to play! Clear your unconscious limiting beliefs that have prevented you living the life of your dreams. Become an attraction magnet for men in your life. Use your mind and your body in new and exciting ways. Fall in love with both the real inner and outer you. Enjoy every moment of being a real woman however many times you have been round the sun. With many more essential answers about love, life, your body and feeling like a natural woman.

9781905823369. The Essence of Womanhood: Re-awakening the Authentic Feminine Susie Heath ... The Essence of Womanhood.

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