Destiny Calls

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Samantha Wayland
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Best friends might make the best lovers, but can it last? Patrick didn't think it would be a big deal to kiss his best friend Brandon. Hell, they'd done crazier things to avoid a bar fight. But getting punched in the face would have been less shocking than how hot kissing Brandon is, and how much he wants to do it again. Patrick, after all, is straight. Or, at least, he thought so. Destiny has never been afraid to ask for what she wants, and when she sees Patrick and Brandon together, she knows exactly what that is. She's not interested in a commitment, but what could be more fun than exploring this with her friends? Brandon is a fool. He's been in love with his best friends for as long as he can remember, and he knows a terrible idea when sees one, but he can't resist. To complicate matters even further, he and Patrick are both cops, and are embroiled in an investigation that puts them, and Destiny, in an unknown enemy's sights. Now, the three friends have to fight for their lives-and their hearts.

It caught my attention how it's always mentioned that French bands are one of your main influences for Chevalier. What is, in your opinion, so special about the French sound, that makes it different from other countries? This doesn't of course apply to all of them, but remarkably many of those 80's French bands had a specific way of ... When Destiny Calls Enjoyed the book.

LINDELOF: Ben is told that Locke is going to be replacing him as the leader of the ... Destiny Calls Samantha Wayland. Format.