Hormone Harmony

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Is your lifestyle disrupting your hormones? What are bioidentical, or natural hormones? Are they safe? Do you need them? Hormone Harmony answers these and many other questions for women of all ages, and includes a special section for men. Today, hormone imbalance is an epidemic that is upsetting countless lives with symptoms such as these: Lack of energy; loss of zest for like; weight gain; mood swings; loss of sex drive; sleep disturbances; fuzzy thinking; forgetfulness; hot flashes. Traditionally, menopause is viewed as the chief trigger of hormonal problems but evidence shows this is not entirely true. While menopause is a natural transition during which hormone levels change, its discomforts are fueled by imbalances created earlier in life. This fact is widely unrecognized in today's healthcare system, leaving millions of women whose medical tests are "normal" in dire need of help. Hormone Harmony reveals how to take control, in life and in the doctor's office. In simple terms, it explains how lifestyle commonly disrupts six key hormones - insulin, cortisol, thyroid, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone - and how to remedy the situation. A practical plan that costs little or nothing lays the foundation to restore and maintain balance. And, when medical help is needed, information about the options provides the tools to get effective treatment.

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