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***Minimalist Budget: A Practical Guide To Managing a Minimalist Lifestyle***explores the finer detail of what it means to live as a minimalist. Is your financial life one debt away from totally sinking into the deep? Do you admire the manner in which certain minimalists go about their lives, and would like to give it a try? Well, you picked the right book. Many of the questions that may have hindered you from living less are met, in this book, with their adequate and satisfactory answers. Some of those questions are; **Is minimalism boring?****How do I handle close relationships with non-minimalists?****Why does minimalism not work for some people?****What are the benefits of minimalism? and;**How do I build the needed discipline to be a minimalist? More than that -and as is implied in the title of this book- you will learn just how to create a minimalist budget and stick to it. Also, to make your transition into minimalism much easier, check out the 30-day guide to becoming a minimalist in chapter 10. There are very few things that are more rewarding that taking back the reins of your finances and, by extension, your life. This is what minimalism has to offer and what this book has to teach

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