Breaking Out

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Samantha Wayland
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Mati Viveiros is done with men. Her family will never love her for who she really is, and the men she's dated haven't done much better. The only exception is Reese, who is the perfect boss, mentor, and friend. Wanting more would just be greedy. Reese Lamont is finally in a place where he's genuinely satisfied with his life, his struggles in the past. Are there still things he wants? Sure, but he's too old to change his ways and he's never going to cast himself in the role of sleazy boss, so Mati can't ever know the extent of his feelings. David Zapetti spent ten years with the Boston PD before realizing a change was required. Now he's in the personal protection business, where the money is good and the boredom immense, which is just what he wants. David knows the minute he sees Reese and Mati that there is nothing boring about either of them, but that doesn't stop him from volunteering to be their protection-and a whole lot more than that.

Fighting has broken out all over the city. break out in a rash, sweat, etc. To force or make a way through; puncture or penetrate: The blade barely broke the skin. break out 1.

They have begun to break out of their cells. Many of them are not ready for the next step in the process.