Transcending Fear

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Brian Germain
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The product of a lifetime of research and reflection, Transcending Fear is Brian Germain's most important work. The book addresses the most significant challenge of human kind to date: the process of recognizing and moving beyond fear. In an age in which fear has literally brought our world to the brink of destruction, understanding why we contract in fear and how we can go beyond this instinctive reaction is essential for our survival as a species. As a World Champion skydiver, test pilot and psychologist, Brian Germain offers a unique personalized perspective on the phenomenon of fear. Reflecting on his many intense experiences with fear, Brian sorts through the most current psychology research on fear, and presents the ways to de-escalate the emotional response in provocative situations. The fundamental premise of the book is simple: Fear makes us stupid. If we are to transcend the limitations imposed by a contracted perspective, we must develop our ability to remain calm. Specific methods for relaxing in dangerous situations are covered in detail, as well as scientific evidence to support the reasons for this unusual and powerful approach to dealing with fear.

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