A Touch of Class

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Bianca D'Arc
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New town. New job. New Pack. Shane is a dominant werewolf. Too dominant to stay in his old, struggling Pack. Leaving for the good of his best friend, who is trying to control a group of misfits, Shane seeks a new position in Big Wolf, Texas, as the Big Wolf Pack's new sheriff and enforcer. There's just one complication... Maria knows about the werewolves who populate the town. Her eccentric Aunt Lulu told her all about them before she passed away, leaving her lovely old house on the edge of town to Maria. The sexy new sheriff has got to be one of the shapeshifters she's been trying to learn more about, but they're very secretive and she has to tread carefully. A trap laid, and sprung... When Maria stumbles into a trap set for her by unscrupulous members of the Pack, it's Shane who comes to her rescue. The thing is, can they keep their hands off each other long enough to figure out what's going on and why Maria was targeted? Or will passion cloud their judgment, leaving them both vulnerable to a group of werewolves intent on killing somebody? * Separate, but related to my Jaguar Island series, this novella is set in Big Wolf, TX.

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Fielding, Olivia decides at the last minute to attend her high school's class reunion due to her bff/fashion designer, Ava's rantings. While there she sees that nothing has really changed with her high school classmates.