The Passion Trap

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Dean C. Delis
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Who gets caught in the Passion Trap?It's the catch-22 of romantic relationships: The more deeply one partner falls in love, the more distant the other becomes. This is the passion trap, an emotional dynamic that results in increasing desire and desperation in the "one-down" lover, and dissatisfaction, often mingled with guilt and withdrawal, in the "one-up."Now Dr. Dean Delis, a renowned psychologist who believes the passion trap is both common and curable, shows you how to change the patterns that threaten your relationship. Drawing from his counseling work with individuals and couples, he offers fresh insights and powerful, proven techniques--from Trial Closeness to Healthy Distance--to help you and your partner rekindle romance and discover a new equilibrium of love and desire for a lifetime of happiness.

It's a self-reinforcing pattern. Each of us has probably been a true believer in some great... The trap: the false belief that you have to dosomething (the right job) in order to besomething (passionate).

The book simply states that in every relationship, over time, som Booktopia has The Passion Trap, Where is Your Relationship Going? by Dean C. Delis.