The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch

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Didi Clarke
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Are you a spiritual seeker who marches to the beat of your own drum? Are you looking to explore the world of Wicca while still maintaining your independent spirit? The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch is the ultimate resource for learning the fundamentals of witchcraft as a freethinking, solo practitioner! Didi Clarke has been studying the art of Wicca for over a decade as a solitary witch, and in that time, she's published numerous books about all aspects of the craft. She has an intimate knowledge of the joys and pitfalls of studying Wicca without the aid of a coven. Now that expertise can be yours too! In The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch, you'll find easy-to-understand descriptions and explanations of the most important aspects of being a practicing Wiccan. Knowledge that was once a closely guarded secret of traditional covens can be yours to learn and apply to your own spiritual practice! In particular, this book will teach you things like: Wiccan Ethics Important Wiccan Terms How Magick Works Wiccan Holidays How Wiccans Pray Writing Your Own Spells Performing Rituals And much more! This information is a must-have if you're a solitary witch who wants to experience the liberating power of magick in your own life. It's a self-guided manual for anyone who values their unique perspective and wants to become a successful Wiccan! Buy The Wiccan Bible for the Solitary Witch today!

Includes index. ISBN 1-56414-666-9 (pbk.) 1.

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