Death's Executioner

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Charlotte E. English
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To catch a monster, send a killer. Murderers and monsters alike stalk the snow-drowned streets of Ekamet. When nightmares creep out of the dark, distant past, who can face them? It will take the eldritch powers of the spirit-witch. The ruthless cruelty of the undead. And the monstrous implacability of the Malykant at his best - and his worst. But when it costs everything they can give, can a trio of killers win against nightmare? If you can't beat the dark, the only way through is to join it... Konrad Savast returns in four final, brutal cases in the collected Malykant Mysteries.

Charlotte E. English Release Date: September 5, 2019; Imprint: Frouse Books; ISBN: 1230003346020 ... An executioner, also known as a hangman or headsman, is an official who carries out a sentence of capital punishment on a legally condemned person. Death's Executioner is anAction Card in TEPPEN.

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