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Tom Moegele
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How to release negative energy from the body using the process of "not-wanting" and "not-doing", by the creator of the Mindflow method. Overcome anxiety, combat stress, and bust through emotional blocks with the MindFlow method--and achieve more by "not-doing" and "not-wanting". Does it feel like you never have enough energy to do what you want? Are you always depleted, stressed and exhausted? You've tried meditation but you just don't know what it means to be "in the flow"?! In this book, creator of the MindFlow method Tom Mogele explains that stress, anxiety, and challenges can block the flow of life energy and subsequently deplete our own energy levels. Thus we feel ill, exhausted, stressed out, unable to shake off negative thoughts or be unaffected by author people's toxic vibes. But through a combination of simple movements that trigger energy shifts, we are able to get connected to the natural flow of life--this is the MindFlow method, and it works like this: ? Using movements similar to Qigong and Tai Chi, we tap into the energy field within and around us. ? This bring us into the G4 state--a higher state of consciousness--where our bodies release "happy" hormones that help us relax. ? In this state, we can harness any toxic energy that comes our way and use it as our own strength. ? This brings us into alignment with our own inner power, calm in the knowledge that we are connected to life-energy. "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be converted from one form into another or transferred from one body to another." (Hermann von Helmholtz) The MindFlow method teaches us that instead of pushing and pulling, when we release resistance to challenges--and therefore stop "doing" and "wanting"--we stop making ourselves miserable and instead get into a state of flow and deep inner peace.

Every one of us emits a 'standing wave,' of energy which is individually produced by our DNA, and can be disrupted if we have particular issues or blocks. It's possible full story.

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