Hearing God

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Barry Bennett
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Have you heard God? Did you know that you were created to hear Him? Hearing Him should be as normal as hearing a person speak to you. There are many voices that compete for our time and attention. Between the voices of politicians, media pundits, doctors, teachers, friends, children and spouses, there are times when we 'can't even hear ourselves think!' And yet, in the midst of the voices that we hear and the sensory overload of our lives, it is possible to hear God. Hearing God is the key to abundant, victorious living. Developing your capacity to hear God and recognize His voice is what this book is about. Learn the secret of faith, healing, provision and protection as you learn to recognize His voice.

Most of us don't have those kinds of encounters, so we find ourselves looking for skills to help us hear from God. Common Ways God Talks to Us In fact, there are three voices that we can hear -- the voice of God, the voice of our own fleshly desires, and the voice of the Devil.

Then simply be obedient. When seeking to hear God's voice, an understandable thought is that we don't want to get it wrong. WE CAN ALL HEAR GOD! You don't have to be a prophet to hear the voice of God.