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Esther E. Schmidt
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One incident after another has shaken Ransom's life to its foundations. Yet when he returns home and faces his neighbor-with whom he had a soul scorching one-night stand-everything suddenly slides into place. Hedwig wasn't expecting the news she received after an intense one-night stand with the rough, tattooed biker from next door. Months later she finally gets the chance to share her news and once again, she didn't expect what she gets in return. Will this couple face their future together and grow stronger as each day passes? Or will danger spark in their direction, risking their future and every life involved. ***When you've been riding a dark road, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But when you do? You ride full throttle until you've claimed what's rightfully yours. Jump into the lives of Ransom and Hedwig, book one in the AF MC Ohio duet.***

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