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Nicholas Sparks
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Swept off your feet and into a nightmare . . .A powerful blend of love story, betrayal and obsession, The Guardian is written with electrifying intensity, playing with your emotions at every turn.Widowed at a young age, Julie understands the pain that comes with love and has avoided romance for a long time. As she eases herself back into the dating scene, her eye is caught by the darkly sophisticated Richard, as he begins a passionate pursuit of her affections. But she is still confused by her feelings for best friend Mike: funny, loyal, but definitely not sophisticated.A seemingly innocent choice sets off a deadly chain of events that leaves Julie fighting for her life, as jealousy simmers into murderous desire.

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All the Guardian's profits are reinvested in journalism rather than being distributed to investors or stockholders. Season 1 Review: The Guardian is a chilling, state-of-America show, pointedly devoted to the question, "What is a meaningful life?" Simon Baker is galvanizing as the hero, intense and hard to read. This is what he's meant to be, but as to whether The Guardian and this tortured angel of a corporate lawyer will be a hit with viewers, it is impossible to say in these days of war and retribution. The Guardian was a pretty good story about finding a new love after an unexpected death.