Betrayed By Love

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Diana Palmer
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Cattle rancher Jacob Cade rarely denied himself anything–except for Kate Walker. Kate was his younger sister's best friend, and therefore off–limits. But when Kate returns to Jacob's ranch for his sister's wedding, he sees Kate with new eyes. She is older and living in the city; surely she has become much more worldly. The time for restraint is over.Kate is naive about a lot of things, but she knows what Jacob is offering, and it isn't forever. And yet she's been in love with him for as long as she can remember. If a couple of nights in his arms are all she'll ever have of him, aren't a few precious memories better than none at all? Even if that surrender breaks her heart....

With Beckie Blosser, Scott Bramhall, Dawn Brodey, William "Will" Daubert. Single mother Dana Laskowski juggles a boyfriend, a jealous ex-husband and a secret lover, then her life is cut short by someone close. Expand/Collapse Synopsis From New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer comes a fan-favorite story of second-chance love.

Instead, you chose to break my faith and belief in you. And you chose to cause me immense ... By Love Betrayed; Finishes Quest Journal Entry; I should find Adusa-daro near the old Dwarven lift and find out more about what she needs help with.