DIY Sex and Relationship Therapy

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Dr. Lori Boul
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This book provides a comprehensive, professional 'tool kit' that will help you: - Learn how to resolve sexual and relationship problems - Discover new techniques to improve your relationship - Practise skills that can protect your relationship - Put romance, fun and passion back into your life Drawing on her wide professional experience, Dr Lori Boul provides authentic therapy techniques in an accessible, easy to follow, step-by-step layout that can be practised effectively at home. Full of practical exercises and innovative techniques, DIY Therapy will give you the skills you need to improve your relationship without the expense of face-to-face counselling. You will be guided through a programme of relationship and sex therapy sessions that will help you overcome your difficulties, recapture fun and romance and ensure the changes you make will truly last.

This type of therapy can also help couples decide whether or not they should continue staying together. Although the focus of... Sex Therapists in Melbourne Victoria : therapy in which a psychologist helps couples solve problems with their relationships The romance had gone out of their relationship, so they signed up for couples therapy.

The goal of... Life as a relationship therapist: 'Loads of couples have stopped having sex in the pandemic' Aoife Drury works as a psychosexual and relationship therapist and says Covid-19 has had a big ... Sex therapy focuses on improving a couple's relationship and sex life by addressing the problems in both areas at the same time. If more people went to sex therapy as soon as a problem arose, there might be less heartache and divorces down the road. Chandrama Anderson, a licensed family and marriage therapist in Silicon Valley, CA, shares a few golden pieces of couples therapy hacks that can help make sure your relationship is smooth sailing ... Sex is more than penile-vaginal intercourse.