The Spy Who Haunted Me

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Eddie Drood's clan has been protecting mankind for centuries - and now he's supposed to be in charge. But nothing is ever easy for Shaman Bond. Legendary Independent Agent Alexander King is on his deathbed, and he's looking to bestow all his wisdom - and his priceless secrets - to a worthy successor. To decide who that's going to be, King has summoned six of the best - including Eddie, of course - to give them his orders: The first to solve all five great mysteries is the winner. He figures that by the time they've finished backstabbing and betraying each other, there'll be just one man - or woman - left. Unsurprisingly, Eddie must be the last man standing, as King holds a secret that is extremely important to the Droods - the identity of the traitor in their midst . . . The Spy Who Haunted Me is the third book in the Secret History series by New York Times bestselling author of Daemon's are Forever.

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Please make sure to choose a rating . Add a review * Required Review * How to ... "The Spy Who Haunted Me" is a turning point for the formerly okay-but-not-great Secret Histories series, and there are some loose threads that promise to be interesting in the future.