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Nadeem Aslam
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In an unnamed town Jugnu and his lover Chanda have disappeared. Rumours abound in the close-knit Pakistani community, and then on a snow-covered January morning Chanda's brothers are arrested for murder. Telling the story of the next twelve months, Maps for Lost Lovers opens the heart of a family at the crossroads of culture, community, nationality and religion, and expresses their pain in a language that is arrestingly poetic.'This is a deeply pastoral novel, tied to the seasons and resonating with birdsong . . . Like Aslam, I was heartbroken when the dense, dark tapestry was finished.' Independent on Sunday'Despite the violence that lies at the heart of the novel, it is a celebration of love and life. Sights and sounds, smells and colours are not so much vivid backdrops for the narrative as structural, mood- and texture-enhancing parts of it . . . This is that rare sort of book that gives a voice to those voices that are seldom heard.' Observer

The older residents, who have left their homelands for the riches of England, have communally dubbed it Dasht-e-Tanhaii, which ... Main Maps for Lost Lovers. Maps for Lost Lovers Aslam Nadeem.

However, the book also serves as commentary of working-class Pakistani immigrants in England and the religious traditions they firmly hold. Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases Books Today's Deals New Releases Books Maps for Lost Lovers is fraught with images of nature: Jugnu's prized moths and butterflies, the peacocks that invade his house after his and Chanda's disappearance, the lilacs used to entice fish, the flock of Indian rose-ringed parakeets that mysteriously appear in English gardens. 3 Chapter Summaries - Summary The Leadership Challenge: How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations Notes on Polanyi Great Transformation - The Frogs Policy Paradox The Art of Political Decision Making Maggie A Girl of the Streets and Other Stories Summary Intersections Of Gender Maps For Lost Lovers English Literature Essay Degree essay Madeleine Bengtsson Maps For Lost Lovers. by Nadeem Aslam.