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Jo Worsfold
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Effortlessly blending spirituality with the everyday, this book will captivate you with its fresh perspective on how to live your best life as an intuitive, connected and trulyhappy you.If you are ready to embark on your spiritual journey – or even to discover who you really are and what you are capable of – but have no idea where to start, this book is for you. If you are dreaming of an extraordinary life but don’t quite know how to make that happen, this book is for you. If you need a book that can guide you on your journey of self-discovery without all the complicated jargon, this book is for you.Learn an extensive range of simple yet powerful self-care practices to transform your lifeLearn how to develop your intuitionLearn how to navigate the wondrous world of energy, regardless of prior experience or knowledgeLearn how to love yourself moreLearn that your past mistakes and misfortunes don’t have to define youJo Worsfold’s life went from working herself ragged, battling chronic illnesses and desperate to escape her past, to finding a happiness she never thought possible. In 2015, through a series of synchronistic events, Jo discovered the incredible world of energy healing and since then her gift as an intuitive healer has very quickly evolved. A rollercoaster of tragedy, miracles, powerful life lessons and spiritual awakenings will inspire you. This book is the perfect blend of real-life stories, combined with an abundance of practical activities you can weave into your everyday life. Get ready to become acquainted with the best version of you!‘Be brave. Be fierce. Be kind. Love hard. Find your inner goddess / god. Go and be your own, organic authentic self and then shine your light for others, so they may be encouraged to shine their beautiful light, too.’ – Jo Worsfold, intuitive Australian energy healer, providing healings, spiritual guidance, mentoring, and a whole lot of love to the Australian public since 2015.About the AuthorJo Worsfold is a Tasmanian author on a mission. Just off the south coast of the Australian mainland, known by the locals as The Apple Isle, Tasmania has been Jo's home for most of her life and she loves living here with her mechanic husband, their two highly intuitive children and two totally gorgeous labradoodles. What is Jo's mission? To saturate the whole world with love and kindness, of course! Jo is achieving this by combining her passion for writing with her healing gift and her down to earth nature.Jo is passionate about promoting spirituality in a way that is relateable and available to everyone, from all walks of life. The result: hippy books that make sense. Jo is a nature-loving spiritualist who adores all kinds of music from Whitney Houston to Hilltop Hoods. She also loves dabbling in nature photography, sipping on vodka lime sodas or even better, a good cup of tea. She's always up for a hit at social badminton and she has a very real crush on love-struck vampires. She is an everyday mother, wife, small business owner and dreamer who happens to have a unique healing gift and has been blessed with the ability to share her journey and her wisdom through beautifully crafted words.Jo is a qualified Usui Reiki Master-Teacher who has developed her own unique and intuitive healing style. Always led by her intuition and by the energies around her, Jo dives into exciting new projects and ventures involving anything that makes her heart sing. In 2018 Jo was selected as one of approximately 150 Tasmanian authors to contribute to a contemporary art project known as The People's Library; a performance library brought to life through readings, discussions and live events.

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