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Ian Irvine
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Justice is the shattering finale to Ian Irvine's fantasy epic, The Tainted Realm trilogy. The once beautiful land of Hightspall is being carved up by warring armies led by figures out of legend. One army is headed by the charismatic brute, Axil Grandys, and the other by Lyf, resurrected sorcerer-king and Axil's ancient nemesis. Only the escaped slave Tali and her unreliable magic stand in their way - but Tali's gift grows more painful every time she uses it. As the armies converge on the fateful peak of Touchstone, Tali and her ally Rix must find a way to overcome Lyf and prevent Grandys from using the Three Spells that will destroy Hightspall forever. Book One, Vengeance, and Book Two, Rebellion, of The Tainted Realm trilogy have been published to wide acclaim. Author Biography Ian Irvine is a marine scientist and fantasy writer who has written twenty-six novels to date. His three fantasy series,The View from the Mirrow,The Well of Echoes andSong of Tears, are international bestsellers. He has also written a near-future eco-thriller trilogy about catastrophic climate change, Human Rites, recently republished in an updated edition, plus eleven novels for children in theRuncible Jones,Sorcerer's TowerandGrim and Grimmer series.Vengeance is the first book in theThe Tainted Realm trilogy. www.ian-irvine.com

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