Mission of Love

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Dr Roger Cole
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'This is a generous and genuinely sustaining book. It offers as much through its story of Roger Cole's own profound spiritual development as through the many compelling stories he tells. This is not a book 'about dying'; it's a book about the whole rich brew of existence, of which dying is just a part.' Stephanie Dowrick Fear of illness and death and the threat of being separated from loved ones affect us all. Often those diagnosed with serious and life-threatening illnesses, including their families and loved ones, have to face intense challenges before they can begin to heal and find peace. In Mission of Love, a palliative care specialist recounts the stories of people who have faced their greatest fears and have healed their lives through acceptance, inner peace and love. DR ROGER COLE's observations and insights are informed by his own spiritual journey, which began in a workshop with Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in 1984 and later led him to India where his meditation practice deepened. His message is one of hope and compassion: we can transform our lives and experience acceptance and peace. He explains the benefits of meditation and includes healing meditation exercises to aid self-transformation, to help focus the mind and to cultivate positive qualities. In describing the spiritual path, Dr Cole makes compelling arguments for the existence of an afterlife, and includes a moving personal account of the stages of spiritual transformation, its practices and rewards and the promise of self-discovery.

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This book will touch your heart with love, hope and compassion. Dr C... Empower you to discover more of your Lovingness, more of who YOU ARE.