Woman of the Inner Sea

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Thomas Keneally
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The gripping story of one woman's odyssey into the Australian outback away from tragedy and towards regaining control over her life. 'Marvellous, surprising, exhausting' Observer 'A remarkable, powerful novel, all the more exciting for the exotic background so vividly described' Daily Express A young woman once told Thomas Keneally her life story. It was to lodge in his mind and haunt his imagination, becoming the kernel for this enthralling and emotive novel. It tells of a marriage that becomes a nightmare, of a distraught woman's flight, actual and symbolic, into the Australian interior, a story of pursuit, tragic accident and a final, strange catharsis.

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Kate runs to another town. The author won the Booker prize for Schindler's Ark. Woman of the Inner Sea is a great yarn of a feisty woman and several other quintessentially Australian characters, set in Sydney and the bush.