Becoming Orgasmic

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Julia R. Heiman, Joseph LoPiccolo, Leslie Lo Piccolo
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BECOMING ORGASMIC is the ideal book for any woman who has inhibitions about sex and wants to enhance the pleasure she gets from it.Whether you're married, or single, divorced or widowed, under 30 or over 60, or somewhere in between, the programme presented in this book will help you feel comfortable with yourself and your ideas about sex.It will help you to: Evaluate your sexual history and put it in perspective; explore your body through touch; understand the effects of pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause on sexual desire and response; be comfortable with your body and yourself as a woman;share self-discovery with your partner; overcome the fear of orgasm; explore ways to trigger an orgasm and learn about sex in the modern world - social expectations, personal values, and choosing a partner in the age of AIDS.A personal and sensitively written book, BECOMING ORGASMIC is designed to make you feel good about your sexuality and yourself.

But that's not true — not by a long shot. It's possible for a woman to orgasm... I wasn't seeking anything in my sex life—our sex life is good—but the orgasm made me wonder how I can incorporate that experience in our sex life.

{{Citation | title=Becoming orgasmic : a sexual and personal growth program for women / Julia R. Heiman ... To recognize your orgasm threshold during masturbation, pay attention to your arousal level from start to finish.