The Politics of Disability

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Peter Gibilisco, Frank Stilwell (Foreword by)
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We are confronted by neoliberalism and the inhumane consequences of its economic policies. The claim that "there is no alternative" to profit-making simply denies basic features of everyday reality. The Politics of Disability asks: Just where does all of this leave people with disabilities? What are their alternatives? They are among the most downtrodden people, frequently treated as losers for not trying hard enough. This meritocratic principle is antiquated and yet as a basic element of a political system it means that here is at most a little left-over welfare for those with disabilities. In The Politics of Disability the author suggests that there are alternatives and points to what he believes is a better way.Reviews: "Peter Gibilisco's insightful analysis reveals both how contemporary forms of social exclusion and inequality have emerged, and also how it is possible for individuals and groups to struggle to seek and to achieve social change so as to bring about a more socially inclusive world that benefits all. I highly recommend this book for all those seeking to create a better world." - Prof. Tim Marjoribanks, La Trobe Business School, La Trobe Univ., Victoria, AU"If you are interested in the practicalities of living with a disability or the politics of creating caring and inclusive public policies, you should read this book. If you are not interested in these issues, that is even more reason why you should read this book!" - Frank Stilwell, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, University of Sydney"There is something truly inspiring here and I would invite readers to think deeply about this problematic as they consider Peter's persistent push for justice for the severely disabled." - Bruce C. Wearne (Point Lonsdale)"A wide ranging and thought provoking critique of disability in policy, in practice and in the public imagination, from a vital but rarely heard perspective of a service user with high support needs. For Peter, the political is very personal." - Penny Paul, BA, BSW, MPP (Melb)"Peter Gibilisco examines the currently accepted dogma of neoliberalism and its negative ramifications for a just society for the disabled. Given that Peter is disabled, he offers unique insights into the shortcomings of our society for the disabled individual, and presents a more human and just solution. A thought provoking, confronting and inspiring analysis." - Dr. Peter Sember, Innovations ExpertAbout the Author: Dr. Peter Gibilisco, BA B Bus, MA (Mon'h), PhD (Melb) is 52 years old, has Friedreich's ataxia, a progressive condition that left him confined to a wheelchair, with slurred speech, to name a few inherent challenges. Despite this he has shown a command of different abilities, succeeding in a PhD at the University of Melbourne, where he researches as an (Honorary) Fellow.

It goes on t... The politics of disability - Mike Oliver, 1984 Skip to main content The Politics Of Disability: A Guide for Men: Wright, Peter, Wallen, Hannah: Books The politics of disability: from 6th century China to the Industrial Revolution Anna Fairley attends a talk by Roddy Slorach, who argues that whether you are 'disabled' depends on the society surrounding you. Abstract Early formulations of the social model of disability have been subject to critical amendment by disabled women.

Ben is a quadriplegic following a schoolboy rugby union accident aged 16 in Perth, Western Australia. Prior to commencing as Disability Discrimination Commissioner, Ben worked as a barrister in Western Australia and Victoria with a broad ranging practice.