Handling the Truth

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Beth Kephart
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In the tradition of Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird, a critically acclaimed National Book Award finalist shares inspiration and practical advice for writing a memoir.Writing memoir is a deeply personal, and consequential, undertaking.As the acclaimed author of five memoirs spanning significant turning points in her life, Beth Kephart has been both blessed and bruised by the genre. In Handling the Truth, she thinks out loud about the form—on how it gets made, on what it means to make it, on the searing language of truth, on the thin line between remembering and imagining, and, finally, on the rights of memoirists.Drawing on proven writing lessons and classic examples, on the work of her students and on her own memories of weather, landscape, color, and love, Kephart probes the wrenching and essential questions that lie at the heart of memoir.A beautifully written work in its own right, Handling the Truth is Kephart’s memoir-writing guide for those who read or seek to write the truth.

The Joseph Jones stable claimed the third ... People like us can handle the truth. Then there are people who want to hear the truth, demand the truth and can't handle it when it's being said.

Publication: Pastoral Letter, June 2002. Dear Friend in Christ: In recent letters I have been writing about how we handle, or fail to handle the truth.