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"Jody really knows her stuff...this is an incredibly beautiful book full of recipes from the heart." - Jamie OliverHealthy recipes to nourish you, inside and out. 130 delicious recipes to make nutrition easy.In Beautiful Food health food guru Jody Vassallo offers a quiet argument for the power of genuinely nutritious food to heal, nourish and restore, inside and out. If you are struggling to find lovely recipes that are low GI, gluten-free and low allergen, or you would just like to focus more on eating well, here are 130 easy but very evolved recipes that will fuel your body with optimum nutrition in dishes everyone will want to eat.Underpinned by Ayurvedic principles of eating to support your body type, Beautiful Food gently encourages you to take your own path to health, and reveals the power of the right ingredients to bring balance to the digestive system and joy to the taste buds.With recipes for every season, body type and time of day - from Spicy sunshine eggs for breakfast, Pumpkin, fennel and black quinoa soup for lunch, to Charred chicken with chimichurri sauce followed by a slice of Black sesame chocolate cake for dinner - you will find you can eat well effortlessly, without sacrificing flavour or treats.Gorgeously designed with images by renowned food and lifestyle photographer Jared Fowler, Beautiful Food will show you how food can be your medicine, bringing you an overall sense of wellbeing and vitality with some truly delicious dishes.

The Michelin-two-starred Mugaritz was destroyed by a kitchen... Too good to eat: the world's 50 most beautiful foods From stunning restaurant dishes to mouth-watering homemade treats we discover the world's most beautiful food, which is simply too good to eat. Fluffy white jasmine rice is the ideal accompaniment for this saucy red curry. Strips of red bell pepper and whole basil leaves brighten the dish, making it prettier than usual curries (which are delicious but can sometimes appear a little goopy despite our best efforts).

smart starts . These bake-ahead breakfasts make ... Lük (pronounced 'luke') Beautifood uses toxin-free, nutrient-rich ingredients for instantly softer, smoother, healthier lips.