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The Awakened Heart Devastated by a love affair that had gone wrong, Sophie was determined to avoid more heartache. Then one day the brilliant brain surgeon Rijk van Taak ter Wijsma appeared in her life. He, too, had been hurt in the past - and made it clear that he now wanted a companion rather than a wife. Sophie was pleased to accept his proposal on that basis alone - but her heart seemed to have other ideas! The Moon for Lavinia A nursing job in Holland was the only way Lavinia Hawkins could ensure security for herself and her young sister. Yet within weeks of arriving, Lavinia was married to the devastatingly handsome professor Radmer ter Bavinck. He had assured her that the marriage would be on a friendly basis only. He needed a kind stepmother for his daughter and a competent housekeeper to run his home. It seemed to be the ideal arrangement - for everyone except Lavinia! Stars Through the Mist When distinguished surgeon Gerard van Doorninck asked staff nurse Deborah Culpeper to marry him, his reasons were practical, not romantic. As she had been secretly in love with him for some time, Deborah accepted his terms and hoped for the best. It might all have worked out very happily, had Gerard's friend Claude van Trapp not done his best to try to spoil things!

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