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Navy WifeFalling for a man in uniform can be hard...Fleeing to Seattle to weather a broken heart, Lindy Kyle is unprepared for a roommate like Rush Callaghan. Strong, sensitive and sexy, the temporarily dry-docked naval officer is everything she's ever dreamed of in a man... in a husband.But Rush places duty to his country above all else. Though he and Lindy are swept away on a tide of passion, he is called back to sea.They say absence makes the heart grow fonder-but will their marriage survive their partings?Navy BluesShe just needed one night with him... Carol Kyle hasn't spoken to her ex-husband in nearly a year, so luring him into her bed for one tempestuous night would be no mean feat. But even if it requires strategy skills befitting a navy admiral, she'll manage. Because Carol wants a child, and only Lieutenant Commander Steve Kyle will do as the father-to-be.Steve will never allow his child to be raised without a father, so Carol plans to seduce Steve into her bed, one last time. Her plan seems to be working... until her carefully wrought baby-trap suddenly slams shut-on her own unsuspecting heart!Navy BratThis navy daughter will never become a navy wife...Erin MacNamera has one hard and fast rule: don't fall for a navy man. But from the moment her eyes meet Lieutenant Brandon Davis's across a crowded lounge, Erin knows life witll never be the same. Tender yet strong, Brandon is all she's ever dreamed of in a man, but he is also navy-and as a navy brat from birth, Erin knows better than to give her heart to a seafaring man.When an old friend asks Brand to look up his daughter, he never dreams Erin will turn out to be a stubborn beauty who resists him at every turn. Can't she see that they're meant for each other?When Brand is called to duty, he gets the perfect opportunity to teach Carol a thing or two about navy men-and love.Navy WomanCan they choose between the navy and love?Lieutenant Commander Catherine Fredrickson is transferred to a navy base in Washington, where her new boss, Royce Nyland, has her spirits sinking fast. Distant, demanding and incredibly attractive, Royce keeps her at arm's length. But that doesn't stop him from arousing a passion in Catherine that is impossible to deny.Struggling to keep up with his energetic young daughter, Royce doesn't need any more distractions-especially not in the form of an appealing woman! Although naval fraternizing is strictly prohibited, how long can Royce resist Catherine when just the sight of her capsizes his heart?Navy BabyRiley Murdock is going to be a navy father...It's a night Hannah Raymond will never forget... two strangers together in one breathless moment of intense need and heart-stopping desire. But now Hannah is expecting the child of rugged naval seaman Riley Murdock-a man she thought she'd never see again. And of course, she'll have to tell her preacher father what happened that reckless night...Riely had been searching for Hannah for months-ever since that night of searing passion left him shaken. Now fate has finally reunited them. Riley is an honorable man, if a wild one, and he wants to do right by Hannah. But this is one mission that promises to be anything but smooth sailing!Navy HusbandThere's nothing like a man in uniform...Shana Berrie recently bought a small ice cream and pizza parlor in Seattle. She's starting to get her life on track when her sister Ali, a naval nurse, is sent to sea. Shana is left to take care of her niece, Jazmine, until her sister returns. To Shana's surprise, nine-year-olds have a lot of opinions, including some about her love life.Commander Adam Kennedy, a family friend, seems to feel Shana needs help as a substitute parent-while Jazmine decides

Each is highly enjoyable on its own, but together they create a memorable reading experience! The six books, in chronological order, are: NAVY WIFE NAVY BLUES NAVY BRAT NAVY WOMAN NAVY BABY and NAVY ... Navy Grooms: Navy Brat / Navy Woman 496. by Debbie Macomber | Editorial Reviews.

Fall in love with the Navy! And with Debbie Macomber's series of Navy romances? These popular stories, most of them publ... "Navy Woman" is the fourth installment in Debbie Macomber's "Navy" series. There are two more books after this ("Navy Baby" and "Navy Husband") both are in the anthology "Navy Families" which I am debating on purchasing. Navy Blues is the second in the Navy series by Debbie Macomber.