The Captive

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Grace Burrowes
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A USA Today bestseller He'll never be free... Captured and tortured by the French, Christian Severn, Duke of Mercia, survives by vowing to take revenge on his tormentors. Before the duke can pursue his version of justice, Gillian, Countess of Greendale, reminds him that his small daughter has suffered much in his absence, and needs her papa desperately. Until he surrenders his heart... Gilly endured her difficult marriage by avoiding confrontation and keeping peace at any cost. Christian's devotion to his daughter and his kindness toward Gilly give her hope that she could enjoy a future with him, for surely he of all men shares her loathing for violence in any form. Little does Gilly know, the battle for Christian's heart is only beginning. Captive Hearts series: The Captive (Book 1) The Traitor (Book 2) The Laird (Book 3)

Use the Helm of Domination to peer into Torghast (1) Description You have done everything in your power to locate King Anduin inside Torghast. I fear we could spend a lifetime searching those endless corridors to no avail.

She has already bee… Book 1 / ˈkæp.tɪv / a person or animal whose ability to move or act freely is limited by being kept in a space; a prisoner, especially a person held by the enemy during a war: When the town was recaptured, we found soldiers who had been captives for several years. It indeed is her, she being held captive in a locked room by a man named Mika, his identity which Cass has never discovered even after all these years. He is a pedophile, and even though eighteen year old Cass no longer appeals to the pedophile in him, he is using her to lure other children into his midst.