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Ian M. Philpott
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Volume II of this mammoth reference work covers the years in which the League of Nations failed because of the emerging dictatorships in Germany and Italy and the expansionist policies adopted by Japan. Britain was still reeling from the consequences of World War I and the RAF was sadly far behind the other major world powers in aircraft design, still relying on bi-planes that were direct descendants of World War I thinking. It gradually became apparent that, despite UK government dithering, the RAF needed to develop new aircraft, engines and increase production to confront the bully-boy tactics of the Axis powers. As the turn of the decade approached extraordinary measures were taken to enable RAF to defend Britain's skies and this her freedom. As with Volume 1, this book covers every conceivable part of the RAF's history through these pre-War days. It looks at the development and invention of new equipment such as radar, monoplane fighters, metal construction and the heavy bomber. This was an era when science in aviation was rushing ahead and fortunately for Britain's freedom, it laid the foundations of victory in 1.943

The six-minute-long video transports... The Royal Air Force is a treasure hunt quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion. The highly anticipated theme - Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force - will be featured on the coins pressed on the Mint's public gallery press throughout the year. Air Marshal Mel Hupfeld AO DSC, the Chief of Air Force, joined Royal Australian Mint staff onsite in Canberra to unveil the theme and press the first coin of 2021. The Australian Air Force was formed in March 1921 and prefix "Royal", approved by King George V three months later, became effective on 13 August 1921.

Swift. Air Force provides immediate and responsive military options across the spectrum of operations as part of a Whole of ... The Royal Air Force (RAF) is the United Kingdom's aerial warfare force.