Picture Me Dead

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Heather Graham
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Ashley Montague is nearing the end of her police training--but nothing has prepared this rookie for the rite of passage that will take her on a deadly ride into the underbelly of Miami's drug world. It begins with the shocking discovery of a body on the highway and her glimpse of a mysterious hooded figure watching from the side of the road. Then Ashley's investigation into the incident reveals a surprising connection to another crime scene miles away. In the heart of the Everglades, Detective Jake Dilessio stares at the mutilated body of a woman--the killing identical to those carried out by a cult leader he put behind bars five years ago. Is this a copycat killing or is the wrong man doing time? The last thing Ashley and Jake want or need is the electric pull of desire as they are dragged deeper into a dangerous world of corruption and conspiracy. Now, with time running out and their lives on the line, they have everything to fight for...and everything to lose.

With Brian Gattas, Erich Lane, Patrick Holland, Joe Reegan. A 1960's pop band that has reached the pinnacle of international popularity must suddenly cope with the accidental death of one of its most popular members.

exfoliate all that dead skin away to reveal your new glow - dead female bodies stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. The corpse of Italian fascist leader Benito Mussolini hangs by his feet at a petrol station in Milan ... --No copyright intended-- Band:Picture Me BrokenSong:Dead SeriousAlbum:Wide Awake Directed by Ron Oliver.