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Margaret Bridgeford
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Have you ever experienced the seemingly inexplicable? A sense of being stared at? Thinking of something just as someone else says it? For these brief moments you are sensing the vibrations and thought patterns of others.In this highly readable personal story, Margaret takes us on her own journey as she highlights the roles of food and thought as sources of healing in our lives.Margaret draws on her own family's experiences, sharing very personal stories of health and ill-health and their surrounding circumstances while growing food 'to feed the world'. She explains, in a fascinating account, how and why our food has lost its nutrition and shows us how this can be reversed.Margaret also draws on ancient practices of vibrational medicine, and explains how these practices can be easily embraced in our modern world, helping us return to our intuition and use focused thought to help aid our levels of wellness.Wow, what a book! This is one of the most fascinating sprints through cutting edge wellness thinking I've read in a long time. And I do a lot of reading." - Joel Salatin, farmer, author, integrity food advocateMargaret Bridgeford has woven incisive research to create a vivid image of the landscapes of soil, body and soul, revealing the vibrational connection between them all. Margaret Bridgeford convincingly ignites a call to action." - Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox, Visual Artist

One Family's story discovering the healing powers of food and thought. Margaret is part of a generational farming family, they had the best in technology, they had the best productive farm using the latest techniques to boost production, but deep inside this family knew something wasn't ... Eat.Think.Heal: One Family s Story of Discovering the Healing Powers of Food and Thought Filesize: 6.91 MB Reviews An exceptional publication as well as the font employed was exciting to see.

Categories. Ageing; Anxiety; Brain-Health; Depression; Empowerment/Personal; Encouragement; Exploration/Inner; Health/Healing ; Nutrition/Diet; Presenter: Margaret Bridgeford "Dominating nature is an ... Heal: One family's story of discovering the healing powers of food and thought'.